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Добрый день, кто то водил по системе A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE ROLEPLAYING От Green Ronin http://greenronin.com/sifrp/? если да насколько она удобна и подходит для новичков и если подводные камни, или удобнее воспользоваться savage world будет? Заранее спасибо.

Новый Мир Тьмы / Deviant: the Renegades
« : 20 Сентября 2016, 09:33:42 »
Читал форум ониксов и нашел этот топик
где  Dave Brookshaw поделился спойлерами к новой книге

So, then. In no particular order, this is what came out at the panel and the booth.

Deviants, also called Remade, are people who've been tranformed into supernatural beings through the action of humans - sometimes even themselves. Unlike, say, being embraced as a vampire or Awakening as a mage, their transformation doesn't have anything guiding it. Their souls crack open under the strain.

Spiritually, Remade lack the ability of normal humans and most supernatural beings to define their own selfhood, and instinctively overcompensate by defining themselves through others; in game mechanics, Deviants have no Virtue/Vice traits, and use something kinda like vampire's touchstones instead. Their two Integrity traits - Loyalty and Conviction - come with touchstones that serve as both virtue/vice, and aspiration.

Deviants' powers are called Variations, and are bought in an unusual manner compared to most splat powers. Each is rolled with an Attribute + Variation's rating + Power trait (well, for the ones that are voluntary, anyway; Deviant also has involuntary and always-on Variations). So far, so standard, except the Variation rating is not determined by how many xp you spend on it; they have a flat cost, but the strength is decided by the player, balanced by both every Variation being linked to a Scar, downsides to the Deviant's transformation, and to the conspiracy that made the Deviant. Remade who are virtually human will have low-impact Scars and opponents who lack much reach.

If a Deviant goes too long without engaging her touchstone-equivalents, though, her Scars worsen. When they get bad enough, the Variations they're linked to also increase (or she manifests new ones, or both) but it's a poor consolation for permenantly becoming less and less human.

For Renegades, the player character Remade, Conviction is like a Vice (easy to fulfil, doesn't stave off further mutation for very long) and Loyalty is like a Virtue (much harder, lasts longer, can even reverse the course of transformation in extreme circumstances). Deviants either harrass their creators or find someone or something worth protecting. If they settle, isolate themselves completely, or lose all touchstones, they go the way of The Fly until - after a short, horrific period of high power - their own Scars kill them.

(Remade who are still working for the conspiracies reverse the effects of Conviction and Loyalty, and will - we plan - be the subject of a sourcebook early on in Deviant's gameline.)

A few more scattershot things:

The power trait mentioned in Variations? Deviants don't start with any dots in it, it can only be bought at major story milestones, and it only goes up to 5. Deviants use their highest-powered Variation plus it as their supernatural tolerance.

The splat axes are Origin and Clade. Origin is how you came to be transformed (volunteered, in vitro, etc), Clade is broadly what kind of thing (cyborg, psychic, etc) you are now. The Storyteller creates your Conspiracy using choices you make in character creation.

We're still in early prototyping stages, but that explains what we're thinking; the interaction of traits and play producing things like the clones sucumbing to their inbuilt disease in Orphan Black, spawn protecting the rough sleepers behind his church, Tetsuo, brindlefly, and many many more cronenburgey protagonists mutating as a parallel to their isolation.

Something I said about it being possible to reenact the end of Akira as a Deviant blows out got picked up by readers as possibly meaning something like Demon's Going Loud, but to be clear - going backward is very, very hard in Deviant. You want to turn into a cathedral of flesh and consume neo-tokyo? the game will let you, but your character won't survive the experience.

Accordingly, we will be devoting much design time and wordcount to how the game will handle replacing members of the chronicle's cast.

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