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Новый Мир Тьмы / Термины вампиров
« : 05 Сентября 2010, 12:04:11 »
Возникли вопросы по темринам:
vessel - смертная жертва вампира, цель охоты, источник крови (подходящий перевод на ум не приходит)
tenant (и tenant Prince)
Mortal feudalism is a system of government based upon the relationship of lords to the vassals beneath them, with all land owned by that vassal and worked on by the tenants who occupied it.
tenant: (n.,traditional) Any resident of domain who pays the landlord monye, blood or service in exchange for a dwelling. A tenant has no vassalage outside of his own haven and no authority to subinfeudate the space he rents from the lord.
Whip - секретарь (?)
По этому термину особенно сомневаюсь. Цитата из Damnation City:
Whip: The Whip is an odd position, as no Kindred can say for certain when it actually evolved or where. This title obviously has its analogues in legislative political systems, and its duties correspond rough to those, in that the Whip ensures members of clans present a unified face to opposition. They fit imperfectly into the neo-feudal model, as the position is another informal one and thus not directly subject to the relationship of lord and vassal. They’re more like union bosses or other organized figures. That’s not to say they don’t have their place in neo-feudal society, though, as a Whip inciting his clan to rebellion is something no Prince wishes to face. Indeed, many Princes try to keep local Whips in their favor, as those Whips can ostensibly incite their clans to heights of pro-Prince fervor when necessary. In some domains, parallels to Whips have arisen within covenants, but this is another informal development, as covenants have hierarchies that implicitly suggest party-line adherence, so the job may just fall to a suitable ranking member of that covenant as an extant duty.
A form of music for three or more voices without accompaniment, madrigals were a form of secular music that became popular during the 16th century before being replaced by more theatrical forms of music. (Your local library or music store almost certainly has a collection of them.)

Правильно ли я понимаю:
hunting grounds - охотничьи угодия(?)
Grants of domain - дарование домена(?)
Prince - князь (или принц? поскольку в остальных случах остается сенешаль, шериф)
Seneschal - сенешаль
Primogen - примоген
Prisci - приск
Regent - регент
Sheriff - шериф
Harpy - Гарпия
Hound - Гончая
Master of Elysium - хозяин Элизиума
Kennel Master - главный ловчий
Gaoler - тюремщик

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